MiAgent copy-JACS

Cloud Based Call Center Application Built for Your Utility Business

Built on the MiUtility® platform, MiAgent is a new approach to customer relationship management. MiAgent takes advantage of Web 2.0 technology and strips away all the filler and complexity of classic web-based CRM solutions in the market today.  This leaves a fully customizable application where Customer Service Agents can select from a list of widgets and functions to handle call-in customer’s questions and requests.  Expect reduced call handle time.

MiAgent-1Load Customer Information

Integrated with IVR solutions to automatically load customer information.

MiAgent-2Email & SMS Integration

Integrated with email and SMS solutions to send customers information real-time during calls.

MiAgent-3Meter Reading Graphs

Meter Reading graphs integrated with weather allow CSRs to troubleshoot high bill complaints.

MiAgent-4Automatic Notepad

Available for the CSR to quickly type notes as they are talking with the customer that can be saved as a contact/IR.

[/one_half] [one_half_last]MiAgent-5Details at a Glance

Pertinent account details available at a glance without having to navigate to other screens, allowing 90% of calls to be answered from one screen, reducing call time.

MiAgent-6No Data Replication

No data replication required between ERP system and MiAgent.

MiAgent-7Quick View Orders

Ability to quickly view recent service orders and any pending orders.

MiAgent-8Simplified Move In & Move Out

Simplified Move in and Move out process with configurable validations that alert your Agents.


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