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Easy to use, state of the art, customer account management application with a call center administration module

The MiCustomer Portal is an easy to use, state of the art, customer account management application with a call center administration module. Interacting directly with any back end system you use, the MiCustomer Portal ensures your customers and agents are getting the most accurate and up to the minute information. The MiCustomer Portal lets your customers view and pay their bills online, start and stop service, submit meter readings, manage their contact information, notification options, payment methods and monitor their usage.  Customers can also manage multiple accounts from the same username, making the MiCustomer Portal a one-stop shop for self-service! The MiCustomer Portal is highly configurable to fit the business processes unique to your Utility Company and industry leading security techniques, and a PCI compliant environment assures you and your customers that their data is safe and secure at all times.

There’s an app for that! The same self-service functions and security that is available in the MiCustomer Portal are also available in a sleek, powerful and easy to use mobile application. Available for iOS and Android devices and compatible with many different device types, the MiCustomer Mobile application gives your customers secure access to manage their accounts and submit payments wherever they may be.


Easy to use registration process that gets your customers signed up fast.  Configurable validations allow you make sure the people signing up for your portal are your customers.

MiCustomer-2Account Management

Real-time consumption and account information at your customer’s fingertips.  Landlords and commercial customers with multiple accounts can easily manage all their accounts from a single username.

MiCustomer-3New Connection Management

Workflow-based new connection process allowing customers to submit a new connection/line extension/ meter install. Integration with a document management system and approval workflow.  Customers are able to fill out their new connection application, upload all required authenticated documents and permits, track the application to acceptance, and schedule an install.


Customer friendly e-Billing system to allow your customers to view their bills online and allows you to save money on printing costs.

MiCustomer-5Start and Stop Service

Fully automated and integrated Start and Stop Service module that will truly allow for self-service through the entire customer lifecycle.

MiCustomer-6Customer Submitted Readings

Allowing customers to submit their own meter readings increases the number of actual reads you receive and can analyze in a month.  This can lead to benefits such as early detection of a malfunctioning meter, broken meters, increased accuracy of future estimated meter readings and reduce operating costs.

MiCustomer-7Program Enrollments

Our platform allows quick and easy integration with your CRM/ERP to allow your customers to enroll in all programs they are eligible for.

MiCustomer-8Online Bill Pay

Allows your customers to make a payment anytime. Anywhere! Customers can store their payment information in our PCI compliant environment and use them to make a payment in 2 clicks. Credit, Debit, ATM and bank account payments are offered as standard functionality. Payment via text message– if customers set their payment profile to accept texts and enroll in txt-2-pay,  a text message will be sent to the customer informing them their bill is ready to be paid with the amount due. Customers can pay their entire bill or a make a partial payment with a single text message.


Be proactive with your customers and give them the notifications they need, when they need them, through the communication channels they demand.

[/one_half] [one_half_last]MiCustomer-10Administration

MiAdmin gives your Agents an easy to use administrative portal to handle customer calls related to MiCustomer.  View account info, handle User ID unlocking and password resets in seconds!

MiCustomer-11Energy Savings Tips

Our platform allows you to take charge of your content. Our API connects to industry-leading energy saving sites and services to bring the latest geo-specific tips to your customer.

MiCustomer-12Chat With A Rep

Your customers will be able to chat with your agents during and after office hours.

MiCustomer-13Notification / Reminder

Negotiated rate/tariff customers will receive an informative notification.

MiCustomer-14Bill / Rate Compare

The Tariff Comparison Rate (TCR) is a rate for customers to compare a tariff against your current assigned rate or any other rates. It’s a cost per units used that a typical consumer would pay on that tariff. To work out the rate, we assume an average consumption of units and then include the unit rates and standing charges. However, it’s a guideline to help utility customers compare tariffs, it’s not an actual price. The amount a customer pays will depend on their actual usage. The current tariff’s TCR is always printed on the bill or annual summary.

MiCustomer-15Supplier Enrollment

(Energy Choice) For those utilities who operate in a deregulated market, our energy supplier enrollment module helps your customers pick and enroll with suppliers in your market based on criteria specific to each deregulated market.


Real-time analytic graphs allow you to measure the adoption rate of your portal implementation and see which features your customers are using the most.  Payment analytics give you up to the minute cash flow insight through the portal.

MiCustomer-17Outage Map

Pre and post log in outage map with integration to GIS and OMS systems giving customers a real-time view into the networks’ health.  Customers will be able to notify the utility when their services are disrupted.


MiKiosk copy-JACS

Due to the flexible design of the application we’re also able to run the MiCustomer portal in MiKiosk mode. This allows you to easily set up walk-in locations to allow customers to manage their account from a public accessible Kiosk in your office or at a local business partner’s location. This gives you another channel for customers to easily pay their bill digitally when they do not have an internet connection. Just walk up, register your account with MiKiosk, pay your bill and come back next month to make another payment using the same username. We can process the payments for you or integrate with an existing payment processor you already use.

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