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Utilities are dealing with many challenges to boost customer service, increase field workforce productivity and adopt better ways of managing company assets while reducing total operational expenditure and gaining transparency into daily operations.

MiFieldServices offers organizations with an end-to-end work force management solution. Gone are the days of paper work orders and lost productivity time. With MiFS, organizations can realize immediate field operations benefits.  Built on the MiUtility® platform, MiFS can be easily implemented to integrate with your current back end system or stand alone to provide real-time work order scheduling, dispatching and completion.


MiFieldServices reduces the investment needed to ensure that your crew is always connected to your communication towers and network.









[one_half]MiFS-1Web Portal and Mobile App

Dispatchers need information and need it now. Give them the tools they need to do their job.  MiFS provides a secure web portal to quickly and easily create, schedule, and dispatch work orders. Add an easy to use mobile app supporting iOS, Android and Windows, and you have a complete package. From inception to completion, MiFS manages all your work orders to provide visibility, accountability and security.

MiFS-2Real-time GPS Tracking

With integrated GPS tracking, Dispatchers can quickly find the nearest Technician to a work order. When your customers report an emergency, they expect a quick on-site response. Don’t waste your Dispatcher’s time calling all of the Technicians to see who is the closest. MiFieldServices provides real-time work order and Technician GPS locations to quickly identify and dispatch emergency work orders. Reduce drive time, reduce cost, and most importantly, reduce response time. Your customers will thank you.

MiFS-3Intelligent Auto-Sequencing (IAS)

MiFieldServices can drastically reduce the time spent allocating work orders. Using custom parameters specific to your Organization’s needs, MiFS automatically sequences your Technicians’ work.  MiFS will assess the work orders and load your Technician’s device with a predetermined route for the day, taking into account multiple factors such as appointment time, work order priority and GPS location. Have an unexpected emergency? No problem! MiFS constantly assesses your daily work load and makes adjustments to have the right people in the right place. Improve field operations efficiency with a simple click of the mouse.

MiFS-4Fully Customizable

Your Organization is unique, with specific business needs.  The work force management solution you choose should adapt to and improve your current operations model. Whether you choose  to fully integrate MiFS with your current back end system or prefer a stand-alone model, MiFS can rise to the challenge.  Avertra SME’s will assess your Organization’s needs and configure MiFS to your exact specifications.

Configuration Features

  • Create custom work order templates quickly and easily
  • Match your current work order structure for less interruption to your business
  • Technicians can accept Credit Card payments easily and securely in the field
  • Track inventory and fixed assets from warehouse to Technician to jobsite

[/one_half] [one_half_last]MiFS-5Know Your Strengths

Employees are the most valuable asset to your Organization. Why not utilize their knowledge and expertise? Technician profiles list more than their phone number. Customize your system profile with a photo, skills and truck inventory. Need a specific skill set or part for a job? Find the perfect person for the job and coordinate jobs more quickly and efficiently. Dispatchers and Technicians can access inventory information to locate and deliver parts to job sites and reduce drive time back to the warehouse to pick up urgently needed parts.

Managers and Supervisors benefit from rich analytics and a customizable dashboard that allows them to view only information important to them. From work load trends to individual Technician accountability, MiFS enables Organizations to have greater insight to their efficiency than ever before.

MiFS-6Key Features

  • Short and Long interval order management
  • Utility focused
  • Google enterprise integration
  • GPS navigation
  • Automatic Scheduling engine
  • User friendly interface
  • Device independent mobile app
  • Support iOS, Android & Windows
  • Web-based dispatch application
  • API’s for SAP
  • Configurable
  • Payment Gateway
  • Camera integration
  • Signature capture
  • Document Management
  • Video & Text Chat

[/one_half_last][one_third]MiFS-7Field Tech Mobile App

  • Screens built to increase efficiency – more time working; less time documenting
  • Configurable completion screens based on type of work
  • Premise / Customer / Location History
  • Google maps integration with GPS Navigation to minimize drive time and increase productivity
  • Collect payments in field
  • One-click calling using VOIP

[/one_third] [one_third]MiFS-8Web-Based Dispatch / Supervisor Portal

  • Click and drag work order scheduling
  • Intelligent Auto Sequencing and routing
  • Alerts notify Dispatchers of emergency work orders
  • Google maps integration – Technician location and routing
  • Mass work order assignment and scheduling
  • Inventory management

[/one_third] [one_third_last]MiFS-9System Administration

  • User and Device based authentication, flexible to add custom authentication requirements
  • Parameter based configuration for system setup
  • Order templates for configuring order type specific content and completion requirements


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