One of the keys to QlikView’s success is its unique, award-winning in-memory associative technology. In-memory analysis and reporting means one-click access to visually rich, interactive dashboards anyone can build quickly and modify easily. It enables users to see and know their businesses in new ways and interactively explore data without limits. Now, users can engage their data with blazing speed, resulting in more informed, proactive decisions.

 QlikView has consistently demonstrated how it maximises the efficient use of available memory in advanced 64-bit, multi-core hardware, allowing thousands of users to access billions of data records. QlikView continues to be featured as a premier solution at Intel hardware launches to demonstrate the potential processing power of their new and more advanced memory architectures. This further confirms QlikView is an incredibly flexible and highly-scalable BI tool – one available at a fraction of the cost of traditional BI solutions.

 Qlikview Brochure (Click to download)

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