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What’s New in QlikView 10

This e-learning course gives an overview of new and enhanced features in QlikView version 10. The course is intended for users who are already familiar with QlikView and QlikView components. It is built in three separate modules each around 10 minutes long.

QlikView 10 for End Users

This e-learning gives a introduction to QlikView from a end user perspective. It is made up of 3 modules, that take approximately 10 minutes each.

Build your First QlikView 10 Document

This e-learning shows how you can build your first application. The course is around 30 minutes long.

Getting Started for Designer

This course is an introduction to QlikView 10.0. It uses a mixture of demonstrations, quizzes and hands on exercises to give students the knowledge they need to understand the basic components of a QlikView application. It gives users such as business analysts and developers a good understanding of the product, especially adding and modifying objects such as graphs, charts, tables and other application objects. It also emphasis the need for good application design based on Stephen Few’s design recommendations.

Getting Started for Developer

Getting Started for Developer gives users a good start in how to develop applications in QlikView Version 10. The course content is a mixture of demonstrations and hands on exercises of the many QlikView components. The focus in this course is on the development side, learning about the script, best practices and loading data. It also covers data modelling and related issues such as database connectivity.

System Management Overview

This e-Learning module gives an overview of QlikView Server and components in QlikView Version 10. The course is around 20 minutes long.

QlikView Tutorial

This self-study course consists of three parts. In part 1 you learn about working with the different sheet objects in QlikView 10. In part 2 you build your own application based on the data sources included in the course. Part 3 gives you a short introduction to some more advanced features in QlikView. The entire course takes approximately 8 hours.

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