Qlikview By Industry

By Industry


QlikView for Consumer Products, Retail & Distribution

QlikView enables you to market to customers more intimately and effectively. Learn how you can collaborate with suppliers and other partners transparently and empower front-line staff to anticipate and resolve customers’ needs.


Financial Services

QlikView for Financial Services

Discover why more than 250 financial service firms, including over 50% of the Fortune global top 25 have turned to QlikView to improve business performance across their organizations.


Life Sciences

QlikView for Life Sciences & Healthcare

Discover why more than 700 life science companies and healthcare providers worldwide have turned to QlikView to overcome information challenges and improve performance.



QlikView for Infrastructure Services

Discover why more than 500 infrastructure service providers worldwide have turned to QlikView to overcome their information challenges and improve their performance.



QlikView for Manufacturing

With the QlikView business intelligence (BI) solution, you’ll gain real-time business visibility across your entire manufacturing value chain. Learn how you can make business decisions faster, collaborate better with partners and key customers, and improve business agility for intelligent, demand-driven manufacturing.


Public Sector

QlikView for Public Sector

QlikView lets you balance service with fiscal responsibility for your agency, educational institution or association. Learn how you can use it to implement performance improvements at minimal time and cost.


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