Business Analytics

Avertra  offers help and education to process, practices and possibilities of  modern business analytics with best brains available. We offer you business analytics solutions which are key to understanding your customer base, the solutions range in technology, price, time and effort.

The science of business analytics is used to evaluate organization-wide operations. Each department, from sales to marketing and product development to customer service, can benefit from a closer look at customer behavior. Customers are the foundation of every business–from Fortune 500 companies to small and medium enterprises. Making the time to analyze data and create predictive models will yield calculable results.

Our Domains

Avertra Inc. offers its business analytics solution in following main areas.

  • Marketing analytics
  • Utilities analytics
  • Supply Chain analytics
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation analytics
  • Financial Services analytics
  • Risk & Credit analytics
  • Collections analytics
  • Pricing analytics
  • Retail Sales analytics

Avertra business analytics offers following analytics solutions.

  • Business Process re-engineering
  • Smart grid pilot program Analytics
  • Reporting or Descriptive Analytics
  • Modeling or Predictive analytics
  • Data-Driven Strategy
  • Clustering

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