NERC/CIP Compliance

Avertra provides you its resources and experience to implement NERC CIP standards. For many utilities it is one the challenge given by regulator in absence we resources. We assist you in implementation with best human capital available in the field.

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) necessitates the compliance with NERC’s CIP standards which specify the minimum requirements to support the reliability of the electrical system. NERC CIP standards ensure centralized access as well as information on field components, and the ability to provide access and security of these components and protect the electric power grid from cyber attacks.

We help you in compliance with following CIP standards

  • Electronic Security (CIP-002, 003, 005, 007, and 009)
  • Physical Security (CIP-006)
  • Personnel Security (CIP-004)
  • Training and Awareness (CIP-004)
  • Recovery Plans (CIP-009)

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