Avertra Inc. is currently Offering BI Training conducted by its experience and certified consultants. These consultants have developed a specialized BI curriculum to achieve conceptual and practical excellence. Following is the list of curriculums offered by Avertra:

BIW 101
SAP Business Intelligence Basics and Navigation (25 credits and 25 lab units)
Introduction to warehousing and BI. End user/power user navigation to enable students to build and use the BI tool efficiently as knowledge workers and analysts.
Prerequisites: None

Click Here (SAP Business Intelligence Basics and Navigation) to download/view the course outline.

BIW 211
SAP BI – Building Effective Dashboard and Analytics (10 credits)
Best Practices in Building effective dashboards. Practices on reporting various KPI’s
Prerequisites: None

BIW 201
SAP BI – ETL, Extraction, Transformation and Loading of Data in BI (25
Credits and 40 lab credits)
Complete data flow from source systems to Info cubes.
Prerequisites: None (Recommended BIW 101)

BIW 301
SAP BI – Advanced ETL (20 credit and 45 lab credits)
Advanced techniques in extraction i.e. Logistics extractions, COPA extraction and Generic Extraction
Prerequisites: BIW 101, BIW 201 and BIW 202

BIW 202
SAP BI – Administration (20 Credits and 40 lab credits)
Maintaining Warehouse, RRI, Process Chains and Administration of SAP BI.
Prerequisites: BIW 101, BIW 201

BIW 302
SAP BI – Analysis Process Design (15 credit and 40 lab credits)
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Techniques. Very useful in corporate research.
Prerequisites: BIW 101 and BIW 201

BIW 303
Sap BI – Integrated Planning (25 credit and 50 lab credits)
Creating and maintaining corporate planning and budgeting scenarios in BI.
Prerequisites: BIW 101 and BIW 201

BIW 311
SAP Netweaver – Visual Composer (15 credit and 30 lab credits)
Creating web dashboards, cockpits and analysis scenarios using Netweaver Visual Composer. Modeling driven analytics design.
Prerequisites: BIW 101

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